Our company

We are a Polish company with many years of experience, we exist from 1990

Our headquarters is located in Poznań, we specialize in MAP gas burners that replace propane butane and acetylene. Torches are made from the finest materials as bronze or brass making them the best burners for professional use in workshops and service, installers, ornamental, and also for household and hobby.

We are the exclusive representative of the RTM brand over Poland.

Our offer is addressed to everyone, both to companies and workshops and service points to the individuals. We will help you in choosing the right product to the desired situation as well as execute the necessary tests.

RTM brand

RTM is a brand with many years of experience specializing in the production of burners for MAP gas. MAP gas torches are characterized by high efficiency and a clean gas. From one cylinder it can reach over 2000°C, all work can be performed more rapidly than using e.g. propane-butane, and in many places replaces acetylene torch.

We provide

  • High-quality specialized products
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Expert advice on the selection and use of our products